Point Retreat Lighthouse

Point Retreat Lighthouse is situated at the northern tip of ninety-mile-long Admiralty Island, which is bordered by Stephens Passage on the east and Chatham Strait on the west.

Point Retreat History

The Point Retreat Lighthouse sits on the northernmost point of Mansfield Peninsula on Admiralty Island in Southeast Alaska. Situated between Lynn Canal and Stephens Passage, Admiralty Island is the third largest island in Southeast Alaska with a total landmass of 1,664 square miles, including 570 miles of coastline. Mansfield Peninsula is home to numerous species of plants and animals. South of the Lighthouse lies vast forests of Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar and Western Hemlock. On the forest floor are Sitka and Red Alder, Fiddlehead Ferns, Blueberry, Bunchberry, Common Monkeyflower, and Chocolate Lilies.

At Admiralty Island

About Us

Lighthouses are a beacon. Properly used, they’re a beacon of hope to ward off impending danger, yet protecting from and warning of danger is exactly what they’re for.

The earliest lighthouses go back to biblical times, all with a mission to protect mariners. Navigating boats & ships safely means that aids to navigation had to be used to warn of the rocks & shoals, the sudden changes of seascape, and other hazards that prevented safe passage.

The lighthouses of Alaska, which you’ll find in this site, are testament to the challenges of marine navigation, life along the coast of Alaska, and the inherent dangers that can swell up and crush a concrete structure in moments, witness Scotch Gap. Yet for the many lives that have been lost, the lives saved because of these amazing aids to navigation can barely be quantified. We hope you enjoy our site.

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